Hindu Council hosts International Women’s Day Awards

As harsh a reality as it is, the South Asian culture, like many others, has a history of gender inequality.

So when this year’s International Women’s Day rolled around, it was refreshing and extremely encouraging to see the Hindu Council Of Australia host its own awards dedicated to the cause.

The 2018 Gargi Awards held at Sydney’s Parramasala celebrated seven women who have made valuable contributions to the community, whether it be through charity work, cultural awareness or education.

Dr Meenakshi Srinivasan, the founder of Sydney Sanskrit School, told I Am Starstruck it was an absolute ‘honour’ to receive the accolade.

Dr Meenakshi Srinivasan (second from right) speaks to I Am Starstruck. Source: Hindu Council Of Australia Facebook

After having migrated to Australia from India in 2003, Srinivasan went on to start the first Sanskrit community language school in New South Wales.

Over a decade later, the educator is extremely proud of the foundation she’s created for those wanting to learn the ancient language.

“We have to keep our culture alive,” she said.

The other winners included Jacinta Tobin for her service to the Indigenous Australian community, June Bullivant for her insightful academic research, dance teacher Poornima Sharma, as well as Anju Kalra, Jayanthi Ramnan and Paramita Roy.

Poornima Sharma from the Indian Dance Centre also won an award.
Source: Hindu Council Of Australia Facebook

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