We’re loving the new Offspring.. but who else misses Chris Havel?

Image Source: Channel Ten

Image Source: Channel Ten

Tonight’s episode of Offspring has been promised to be jam packed with shocks and twists.

And this post is for all of the dedicated Nina Proudman lovers who have tuned into the hit drama right from the start.

Who remembers Nina’s first ever love interest, Dr Chris Havel?

Played by local actor Don Hany, this hot doc oozed sex appeal, charisma and a swoon-worthy smile.

Sure… so did Dr Patrick Reid – but in OH SO DIFFERENT ways.

Does anyone else secretly wish Chris Havel would return?

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and let the perve fest begin with these hot shots of the beautiful Don Hany playing the first love of our ultimate Aussie television girl crush.

Image Source: Channel Ten

Romance at the workplace.. always made it more fun Image Source: Channel Ten

Hey there good looking...  Image Source: Channel Ten

Hey there good looking…
Image Source: Channel Ten


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