Teenage #uBelongHere founder named Premier’s Youth Medal winner

A Sydney resident proving it’s never too early to start making a difference is teenager Bassam Maaliki.

The 14-year-old was named the Premier’s Youth Medal Winner earlier this month, acknowledged for his contributions to helping migrant and refugee communities in Australia.

The Homebush Bay High School student initially launched social change campaign #uBelongHere as a school Harmony Day project, but his serious dedication to the cause was demonstrated when he was accepted into the NSW Junior Parliament in 2016 at age 13.

Bassam Maaliki won the 2018 Premier’s Youth Medal.
Image Source: Multicultural NSW

Image Source: Multicultural NSW

Baasam’s campaign has focused on a handcrafted badge reading ‘#uBelong’, which can be worn in solidarity with migrant and refugee groups and those seeking asylum.

Through hosting various events and youth activities, he’s gone on to donate fundraising proceeds to organisations working with refugees.

What a champ!

To find out more about Baasam’s incredible work, and to show your support, head to the #uBelongHere Facebook page HERE.

To read our chat with last year’s Premier’s Youth Medal Winner, click HERE.

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