Anupam Kher brings his play ‘Mera Woh Matlab Nahi Tha’ to Australia

Source: Actor Prepares/Youtube

He’s starred in 510 films including Bollywood blockbusters and Hollywood hits, but no screen performance compares to Anupam Kher’s stage presence during a live theatrical production.

The 62-year-old veteran Indian actor, who appeared at the AACTA Awards in Sydney this week, has brought his popular play Mera Woh Matlab Nahi Tha to Australia.

Taking to the stage at the University Of New South Wales on Friday night, Kher and his leading co-star Neena Gupta captivated a live audience of hundreds, as they delved into the universal theme that resonates with all humans – first love.

Pritam (Kher) and Hema (Gupta) took viewers on a journey back in time, to the moment they first fell for each other, and then the subsequent series of event that led to them parting ways and marrying other partners.

For the majority of the play’s duration, the two characters were seen reminiscing on a park bench.

Flashback videos were screened periodically to provide further context to the touching story, while a comedic touch was added thanks to creator Rakesh Bedi’s light-hearted cameos from time to time.

As Australian-Indian actress Zenia Starr put it, “Who knew two people on a park bench could be so moving to watch”.

Kher and his crew’s play will be performed in Melbourne on Sunday night, and the actor hopes his fans in the Victorian city will come out and enjoy this unique production.

“Landed in Melbourne. Performing my play #MeraWohMatlabNahiTha tomorrow at 6.30pm at #KingstonCityHall, Moorabbin…#HopeToSeeYouThere #JoyOfTheatre” he wrote on Instagram.

For ticket details, click HERE.


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