Five times we smiled and cried during Offspring’s season six premiere

Image Source: Channel Ten

Image Source: Channel Ten

Arguably one of Australia’s most entertaining and captivating dramas returned to local screens tonight after a year-long hiatus.

That’s right, season six of Offspring finally premiered, and the return of Nina Proudman and her loved ones brought out a mixture of emotions.

Here’s a look at some pivotal moments during the episode that made us do a secret happy dance, or desperately reach for the tissues.

Image Source: Channel Ten

Nina learns Darcy has tragically passed away. Image Source: Channel Ten

Leo tells Nina he is dating someone who is NOT Nina.

We cried because… well is it really too much to ask for Nina to be happy in love after losing Patrick?

We smiled because… we were given hope that perhaps Dr Chris Havel, played by Don Hany in season one, or another equally as dreamy doctor, arrives on the scene and sweeps Nina off her feet.

Lawrence is about to become a dad, and the mother of his child is NOT Billie.

We cried because… Lawrence is undeniably a beautiful human being. Enough said.

We smiled because… we were treated with one last glimpse of the incredibly handsome actor Ido Drent before his character miraculously vanishes from the core plotline (we assume this is happening, and that kind of makes us cry again).

Darcy Proudman passes away.

We cried because… he died! Duh! It’s not fair! Nina is losing yet another special man in her life and with his quirky nature, Darcy brought plenty of warmth to the Proudman family storyline.

We smiled because… the tragic death brought the whole family back together. It was wonderful to see the sibling bond between Nina and Billie being stronger than ever.

Will Bowen is revealed as Darcy’s secret son.

Darcy's secret son is revealed. Image Source: Channel Ten

Darcy’s secret son is revealed.
Image Source: Channel Ten

We cried because… there goes any chance of Nina nabbing herself a charming hunk of a lover.

We smiled because… his strong family link to the Proudman’s only suggests we’ll get to see more of Will’s portrayer, T.J. Power.

Nina’s daughter Zoe is all grown up. 

We cried because… where have all those years gone? Excuse our attachment to this television family, but we weren’t even there to see the little one’s first steps, or the time she would’ve asked what happened to her late father Patrick. All the feels.

We smiled because… time has passed, and that can also be seen as a good thing. Nina has had time to grieve Patrick’s loss and is embracing motherhood. And Zoe looks a bit like Patrick, doesn’t she (well done casting directors)?

We hope you loved tonight’s episode of Offspring just as much as we did, and feel free to head to our Facebook or Instagram or Twitter accounts to let us know what you thought. 



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