Can life get any better?! The new Offspring trailer is out AND it features a Taylor Swift song

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 6.20.44 pmTo say that Offspring has revolutionised Australian television is an understatement.

From Chris Havel to Patrick Reid and Leo Taylor.. this Channel Ten drama hasn’t failed to deliver some seriously sizzling eye candy.

Actually can we also throw Ido Drent into the mix while we’re at it?! #Drool

But while the show is certainly an ideal platform for a perve-fest, it’s so much more than that.

And with the news that the drama is returning for a sixth season, we’ve been given the perfect excuse to run Nina Proudman appreciation posts whenever we want (you’re welcome).

This week there’s double the reason for Offspring fans to celebrate.

Not only has the drama’s new season six trailer been released, but one of Taylor Swift’s songs just happens to feature in the clip.

After a montage of flashback moments throughout the first five seasons of the show, fans will feel those goosebumps as the initial subtle stringed sound of Swift’s Wildest Dreams song intensifies.

The dramatic drums lead in to the glorious chorus of the chart-topping track, and then we finally see Asher’s character Nina in her element.

From Nina taking some deep breaths as she awaits someone’s arrival, to her nursing her daughter Zoe and then coming face-to-face with love Leo, it’s safe to say that the blonde protagonist will be taking viewers on another remarkably captivating journey in season six.

We are also treated to our first glimpse of newcomer TJ Power, who may very well be Nina’s next love interest.

And of course the clip closing with Nina and sister Billie (Kat Stewart) sharing a warm embrace gives us all those feels.

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