Schapelle exclusive on Channel 7’s Sunday Night

UPDATE 27TH FEBRUARY 2014: Channel 7 has released exclusive footage of Schapelle Corby’s life after prison in Bali.  Here is a short preview for Sunday night’s broadcast, which will show Schapelle’s reactions after leaving jail and being reunited with family.

Schapelle Corby with brother Michael. Image Source: Woman's Day

Schapelle Corby with brother Michael.
Image Source: Woman’s Day

Convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby was finally released from prison on parole after being arrested at Nquarh Rai airport in Bali on October 8, 2004, for possession of 4.1kg of marijuana in her boogie board bag.

She is currently staying in a five-star spa resort Sentosa Seminyak and Woman’s Day has posted the first official photo of Corby celebrating her ‘freedom’ in what some say true Aussie style, with her brother and a beer in hand.

Whilst Schapelle will not be able to return to Australia until 2017, she will be able to live a relatively free life, living with her sister Mercedes and reporting to parole officers periodically.

There is no doubt that the Schapelle Corby case has been one of the most high profile Australian drug crime cases in the media landscape.  It is reported that Channel 7 has a $3 million deal with Corby for the first exclusive, tell-all television interview.

Click HERE to read all about the Schapelle telemovie.

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