Introducing ‘I Am Starstruck: Bollywood’


i am starstruck bollywoodBollywood news is no stranger to the I Am Starstruck brand, having been featured on a spin-off Tumblr blog I Am Starstruck: Bollywood.

But in 2014 we are launching a Bollywood channel right here on I Am Starstruck, so fans can get all of the hottest goss as it happens in the one hot place.

To celebrate this exciting news, we’re reposting our exclusive interview from last year with former Home and Away star Rebecca Breeds when she made her own Bollywood debut in an award-winning feature film.  Check it out!

rebecca breeds bollywood


Since leaving Channel 7’s ‘Home and Away’, Aussie actress Rebecca Breeds has been working on a couple of exciting projects abroad.

One of them is a new Bollywood film and after posting some sizzling shots and footage last week (click here if you haven’t seen it), we’ve decided to dish the deets from the Summer Bay alumni herself… here is our chat with the gorgeous Rebecca Breeds!

I AM STARSTRUCK: Why did you choose to work on a film like ‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag’?  Why Bollywood?

REBECCA: I was excited about this project because it was such a unique opportunity. Not only did we get to travel to India and Thailand to shoot it, but it was a period piece.  My character was a lot of fun and I loved the depth of the true story of Milkha.  Our characters had to communicate without a common language. He speaks Hindi and I speak English in the film and our characters really fall for each other anyway. Very cute.

I AM STARSTRUCK: How did you land the role?

REBECCA: In December 2012 my agent told me about the film and the director so I flew to Melbourne for the day to meet him. We chatted for an hour and he told me all about the film. Then he asked me to do an audition and next thing I heard, I had the part.

I AM STARSTRUCK: What was the highlight of shooting this film?

REBECCA: The highlight of this film was probably doing the dance sequence.  This was quite the essential Bollywood experience full of energy and colour. Our choreographer Shiamak and his team are some of the best in the business and it was an amazingly fun and completely exhausting couple of days. We also got to visit the Taj Mahal in Agra and an Eco beach resort in Goa which were incredible!

I AM STARSTRUCK: What can we expect to see from you in this movie?

REBECCA: Well firstly they dyed my hair blond-ish which took a lot of getting used to. My character Stella is fun loving and really bubbly so that was refreshing for me after my ‘Home and Away’ storylines. She falls for Milkha immediately and they dive into a steamy romance.

I AM STARSTRUCK: What was it like working closely with one of Bollywood’s biggest actors Farhan Akhtar who played the lead role of Milkha?

REBECCA: Farhan was so nice and very easy to work with. He is extremely charismatic, dedicated and professional so we had fun and did good work.

I AM STARSTRUCK: Why should your Australian fans watch ‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag?

REBECCA: It’s an inspirational true story told with elements of Bollywood but mixed with Western film making too, so it would be a good introduction to the India film making world which is huge. It is as big if not bigger than Hollywood!

I AM STARSTRUCK:  If another Bollywood opportunity arises, would you take it?

REBECCA: That depends on the character.

I AM STARSTRUCK: What projects are you working on at the moment?

REBECCA: I did a pilot for a half hour comedy on CBS called ‘We Are Men’. That has since been picked up so I start shooting the first season in LA this August. Absolutely can’t wait!

FYI: We have a spin-off Bollywood blog called ‘I Am Starstruck: Bollywood’ and you can check it out HERE !

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