Designer crush: POL by Sam Jones

Image Source: I Am Starstruck

Image Source: I Am Starstruck

By I Am Starstruck guest blogger Katerina Papathanasopoulos

While New York braved the cold to experience their fashion moments, I Am Starstruck was invited to the S/S 2014-15 POL collection preview. In a scene to rival any Gossip Girl style event, the intimate trunk show took place in Sydney’s hub of Australian fashion, Art Equity.

The collection showcased new fresh designs, as well as a new direction for the brand who have taken the ideal Sydney style, and pushed the boundaries further to create outfits that in my opinion, can flow from day to night.

Greeted in the foyer by a model wearing an immaculate POL gown, we made our way into the loft style environment where multiple designs were on display. Dresses and outfits that suit any style, any occasion and any woman who represents both the fashion forward and career woman of Sydney.

The outfits displayed were a combination of dresses, as well as tops and skirts mixed with a variety of colours and patterns, featuring black and hues of pink, along with stripes and florals. A unique experience indeed, we were able to interact with the pieces and then have them frame the runway show that followed.

We were treated to twelve different looks on the runway, all ranging in shape, style and colour, with greys, oranges and yellows also introduced. The outfits both impeccable in design and execution really honed in on the idea of wearable pieces. So much so, that I found myself thinking about where certain designs could be worn. My absolute favourites were the floral printed dresses as well as the jumpsuits and the A-line skirts that are both fun and flirty for the current season as well as the seasons to come.

I think I’ve found my go to label for every occasion. Not only will you look stylish, but be comfortable in both how you feel wearing the clothes and how you look. Make sure you check out for more designs.  It’s well worth the look.

Image Source: I Am Starstruck

Image Source: I Am Starstruck


Image Source: I Am Starstruck

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