Logies With Leeshie: The year of diversity and divine dresses

waleed 2

The Project’s Waleed Aly won the ultimate Gold Logie on the night

At ‘I Am Starstruck’, we are all about celebrating and embracing diversity in our local media and entertainment industry.

So it’s completely understandable that my emotions slightly got the better of me when The Project’s Waleed Aly won the ultimate Gold Logie.

‘Do not adjust your sets, there is nothing wrong with the picture,’ the Channel Ten star began his speech on stage.

‘If you’re in the room I’m sure there is an Instagram filter you can use to return things to normal it’ll be fine. This is happening…’

Hearing those words made me super happy as I sat in the Daily Mail newsroom while updating the major fashion piece on the website.

I took to Instagram shortly after, with a fun frame from my Snapchat story that obviously featured Waleed.

I wrote next to the snap: ‘Seriously sleep deprived but can’t stop smiling right now.. @theprojecttv ‘s Waleed Aly wins the ultimate Gold Logie.  Thankyou Waleed… for giving me and others (you know who you are) so much hope’.

Apart from his incredible speech, which also gave a nod to a television personality Mustafa, who turned out to be Here Come The Habibs star Tyler De Nawi, there were an array of other spectacular speeches and performances on the night that reminded us of the incredible talent the Australian television industry has to offer.

And then there’s the stunning red carpet style, and my best dressed on the night would have to be Love Child’s Jessica Marais in J’Aton Couture.

Here are some fun snaps from the night and feel free to check out the night’s rolling fashion piece I wrote for Daily Mail Australia.

I look forward to chatting with you all about who made YOUR best dressed list, so head to our Facebook or Twitter and Instagram and join the conversation with the hashtag #LogiesWithLeeshie.

xx Leeshie

Jessica Marais stunned in J'Aton Couture

Jessica Marais stunned in J’Aton Couture

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