Gather & Stitch dresses us for the Logies

Leeshie at the 2017 Logies wearing Gather & Stitch Couture.
Source: I Am Starstruck

Ever since ‘I Am Starstruck’ launched in 2011, the TV Week Logie Awards have been our absolute highlight of the year.

With our own hashtag #LogiesWithLeeshie, we’re all about celebrating and embracing local television.

This year our own Alicia “Leeshie” V finally got to attend Australian television’s night of nights on behalf of Yahoo7 Be.

And she was dressed to the nines thanks to local label Gather & Stitch. At ‘I Am Starstruck’ we’re all about supporting incredibly talented creatives drawing inspiration from their cultural backgrounds, and that’s why choosing Gather & Stitch to dress us for the Logies was a no-brainer.

Here we chat to the label’s founder Helani Sarath-Kumara.

I AM STARSTRUCK: When did you start Gather & Stitch and why?

HELANI: I started Gather and Stitch in 2010. A year or so before that I was in Sri Lanka and saw a building for a rural school that couldn’t be finished due to lack of funds. I thought that if we could do an event, we could raise the money needed to finish it.

So in 2010 after a year of organising and the effort of about 52 people, we did a charity fashion show to raise the money. For the show I created and launched the label – Gather and Stitch. From there it took off! We had accidentally found a niche for good quality, unique, custom made dresses.

I AM STARSTRUCK: From where do draw inspiration?

HELANI: The colours in flowers, the simple shapes in fashion trends throughout time, rich textures and finishes (like beading!)

I AM STARSTRUCK: Which celebrity always nails red carpet style?

HELANI: Anne Hathaway, Emma Stone, Emma Watson and Taylor Swift.

Leeshie at the 2017 Logies wearing Gather & Stitch Couture.
Source: I Am Starstruck

I AM STARSTRUCK: Which celebrity would you like to dress?

HELANI: All of the above haha. Someone who is a good role model. strong, brave and an independent women with a sense of style.

I AM STARSTRUCK: What are the most popular looks at Gather & Stitch?

HELANI: Our Electric blue dress (The Blue Bird) has been our most popular design so far!

Gather & Stitch founder Helani
Source: Instagram/Gather & Stitch Couture

This is Gather & Stitch’s most popular number, called The Blue Bird.
Source: Supplied

I AM STARSTRUCK: For an awards night like the Logies, what would be the types of dresses people could choose to get made by GatherStitch?

HELANI: Something that is different from the usual, red carpet worthy and makes the wearer feel confident and beautiful!

You can follow Gather & Stitch on Instagram HERE and on Facebook HERE.

Leeshie at the 2017 Logies wearing Gather & Stitch Couture.
Source: I Am Starstruck

The gold embroidered bodice is to die for!
Source: I Am Starstruck

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