Giddy up… Here’s how to set hearts racing when you hit the track on Melbourne Cup day

Sneakypeek is head over heels for Neighbour star Olympia Valance's trackside looks Image Source: Olympia Valance Instagram

Sneakypeek is head over heels for Neighbour star Olympia Valance’s trackside looks
Image Source: Olympia Valance Instagram

It’s time to giddy up! Spring racing carnival has well and truly kicked off, and the Melbourne Cup is only a few sleeps away.

And while we do love taking a glance at the racetrack and placing a bet or two, the races somehow happen to come down to the fashions on the field for the team at I Am Starstruck (can you blame us?!).

Nowadays the millinery is as diverse as ever, with more than just a fascinator or classic hat making it through to the best dressed rounds.

So we decided to chat to the designer behind popular Australian label Sneakypeek, stocking the latest in race-ready headpieces, as well as your essential matching accessories to score you a place in FOTF.

Here Miss Sneakypeek, who has worked with Lily Ghalichi and Imogen Anthony, explains the rising phenomenon of hair crowns, the comeback of 50s style hats, and why a little colour contrast at the track never goes astray.

I AM STARSTRUCK: What are the key spring racing trends this season?

SNEAKYPEEK: Long gone are the days where fascinators were the only appropriate trackside headgear. Now, it’s all about pushing the boundaries of racing style with unusual, sculptural headpieces. Fascinators with floral and star motifs will be huge on Melbourne Cup Day. And of course, you’ll be sure to turn heads by wearing a dramatic crown-inspired headpiece by Sneakypeek!

I AM STARSTRUCK: Should racegoers opt for hats or fascinators this season?

SNEAKYPEEK: While 50’s style hats and hatinators are making a comeback, I’m still loving the sculptural metal fascinators that are trending right now.

I AM STARSTRUCK: Which hair accessory looks better on short hair as opposed to longer locks?

SNEAKYPEEK: The bigger the hair, the bigger the headpiece. Dressing well is all about maintaining proportion.

The Athena crown from Sneaky Peek

The Athena crown from Sneaky Peek

I AM STARSTRUCK: What’s a fashion faux pas at the races?

SNEAKYPEEK: Head-to-toe black isn’t ideal for a festive occasion such as the races. Even on Derby Day, a touch of contrast doesn’t go astray.

I AM STARSTRUCK: What can Sneakypeek offer to customers this racing season?

SNEAKYPEEK: Sneakypeek creates one-of-a-kind handmade designs that are truly works of art in themselves. Enchantingly whimsical and boldly regal, our designs will transform you into a race-day princess.

I AM STARSTRUCK: What has been your most popular product?

SNEAKYPEEK: It would haveto be the Olympia Crown. It is 8K gold plated and encrusted with Austrian crystals, sequin flowers, tiny bee-shaped embellishments and bronze flourishes. You can check it out here.

I AM STARSTRUCK: From where do you draw inspiration for your creations?

SNEAKYPEEK: At the moment, I’m inspired by the unbridled opulence of the Baroque and Rococo art movement. Gilded, swirling motifs, intricate jewel-work and feminine colour palettes are all aspects of this aesthetic that I love to channel in my designs.

Image Source: Sneakypeek Instagram

Image Source: Sneakypeek Instagram

I AM STARSTRUCK: Which celebrities have you worked with in the past?

SNEAKYPEEK: Lily Ghalichi (Shahs of Sunset), Imogen Anthony, Lady Leshurr, Jessica Villafane, Charis Lincoln, Audrey Kitching, Raquel Reed – to name a few.

I AM STARSTRUCK: If there was any Australian celebrity you could make a racy day accessory for, who would it be?

SNEAKYPEEK: Olympia Valance! I adore her elegance and sophisticated style.

I AM STARSTRUCK: In your opinion, which star has had the best Melbourne Cup look in the race’s history?

SNEAKYPEEK: Coco Rocha, Melbourne Cup 2013. Loved it!

You can follow Sneakypeek on Instagram HERE.

Sneakypeek created ths sensational floral headpiece for I Am Starstruck editor Leeshie last year

Sneakypeek created ths sensational floral headpiece for I Am Starstruck editor Leeshie last year

Check out these stunning fashions on the field showcased by some of your favourite celebs below. 

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