Get voting ladies! Cleo Bachelor 2014 is here

cleo bachelor 2014

Image Source: Cleo

Reowww.. is it getting hot in here or what?

Cue the fluttering of women’s hearts across the nation as Cleo magazine reveals the 30 most eligible men in the country.

In Cleo’s 27th year of bachelor celebrations with new editor Lucy Cousins, the sassy mag is on the hunt for Australia’s hottest property that can come in the form of actors, sportsmen, reality stars, businessmen and the list goes on.

With the 2014 Cleo Bachelor awards just around the corner, it’s time to get voting for your favourite single stud.

Here’s a taster of the hot eye candy this year.. we’ll be posting a few at a time.


Image Source: Nic Westaway Instagram

Image Source: Nic Westaway Instagram

We all secretly love a bad boy, and it doesn’t get more dangerously sexy than a Home and Away River Boy.

Nic Westaway, 25, made his Summer Bay debut in 2012 as Kyle Braxton, and as far as we’re concerned, he better not be leaving any time soon.


Image Source: Glenn McMillan Twitter

Image Source: Glenn McMillan Twitter

Playing Carlos Dos Santos on Channel 10’s Wonderland, this 29-year-old Australian actor is the currently the hottest property in local television.

If his beach babe shirtless scenes aren’t enough to get your heart racing, have a listen to the Latino stud’s drop dead sexy Brazilian accent onscreen.


Image Source: Tim Phillipps Instagram

Image Source: Tim Phillipps Instagram

He plays Daniel Robinson on long-running soap Neighbours, so it makes sense to call Tim the super cute guy-next-door.

This blonde babe first auditioned to star on the show through a Dolly competition in 2006, and finally got his major Ramsay Street gig a few years later.


Image Source: Neighbours

Image Source: Neighbours

This 25-year-old actor is certainly making his mark in the industry, being the first Indigenous actor to star in Australia’s longest running soap Neighbours.

Cheers to cultural diversity!


Image Source: Ronny Chieng Official

Image Source: Ronny Chieng Official

They say humour is the way to a girl’s heart… So look no further than Ronny.

With a knack for putting the most serious into fits of laughter, this comedian is currently one of many in the stellar cast of SBS show Legally Brown.

Cast your votes on the official Cleo website.




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