Spice up your TV viewing tonight with… Legally Brown!

The mastermind behind Legally Brown... Mr Nazeem Hussain

The mastermind behind Legally Brown… Mr Nazeem Hussain

Having recently relaunched our ‘I Am Starstruck: Bollywood’ blog, there is no doubt that at ‘I Am Starstruck’ we love advocating cultural diversity.

And that’s why we are super excited for tonight’s episode of Legally Brown!

This Australian comedy series on SBS is created by the drop dead hilarious Nazeem Hussain who also happens to star in the funny show.

Co-writing and hosting the series, 28-year-old Nazeem plays various character in an array of skits with a Indian twist.

Spiritual guru character Imran Farook is one of the most popular of his onscreen characters, who in this season travels to Hollywood to interview big names like Ron Moss.

Last week’s episode saw the spirtual guru chat to local Australian fashionistas Paula Joye and Annalise Braakeniek about all things sassy and stylish.

Also creating a spoof of the Real Housewives franchise with the Real Taxi Drivers Of Melbourne, Nazeem highlights cultural stereotypes in a comedic manner, not only poking a little fun but also celebrating cultural differences at the same time.

Cheers to embracing cultural diversity Nazeem! Make sure you tune into SBS One at 9:30pm. 



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