Starstruck September guest post by reader Jasmine Leigh

We’re halfway through September and if you’re anything like me you’re counting down the days until our favourite Aussie celebs, Claire Holt and Phoebe Tonkin grace our screens in the brand new Vampire Diaries spin off, The Originals.

 Looking back three years I still remember the highlight of my Friday afternoon not being the end of a school week, however the pleasant sight of Phoebe and Claire on my screen as doe eyed Cleo Setori and perfectionist Emma Gilbert. 

However after then following Phoebe to her next supernatural show, The Secret Circle, which oh so sadly ended last June and Claire to The Vampire Diaries I have to say I much prefer them both as bad-asses.

Now playing pregnant werewolf Hayley in The Originals, I’m extremely looking forward to what’s in store for Phoebe’s character and the bond that’s about to be forged with almost sister-in-law Rebekah Mikaelson (Claire’s character) as a battle in the homeland of Vampires, New Orleans wages. 

 You can catch Phoebe and Claire in the season premiere of The Originals on October 3rd 9/8c.


Listen up ‘I Am Starstruck-ers’!

Brace yourselves for a 30 day Aussie celeb bonanza.

Throughout September, we’ll be posting sizzling posts about the hottest local talent doing us proud on Aussie shores and abroad.

But wait, it just gets better..We’d love YOU to be involved.

Fancy a guest writing spot on ‘I Am Starstruck’?

‘I Am Starstruck’ is all about sharing the love of Australian entertainment and this month we want to give you a greater voice through the blog.

On certain days in September, we’ll be posting a fan post from an ‘I Am Starstruck’ follower which delves into the life of an Aussie star or the story lines of an Aussie TV show or perhaps provides some commentary on the local fashion scene.

It can range from an evaluation of the River Boys’ tattoos to an RIP Patrick Reid rant to an uber head over heels girl crush diary entry about Jen Hawkins.

Any posts about your fave Aussie entertainment are welcome and all you’ve got to do is email your entry through to NOW with your name and Twitter handle.

Get typing guys – this is going to be the most starstruck September you’ll ever see!

Image Source: The Originals Official Facebook

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