“Whose fairytale will come true?”

Tomorrow night, Australia will find out!

After a whirlwind of a season, judges Charlotte Dawson, Didier Cohen, Alex Perry and host Jennifer Hawkins have determined the top 3 contenders for the glamorous title of Australia’s Next Top Model – Shanali, Melissa & Duckie!

The final outcome lies in the hands of the Australian public, so what are you waiting for?  It’s time to get voting for your fave fashionista!

Head to the official AusNTM website to cast your vote now!

FYI: ‘I Am Starstruck’ was at the season’s launch earlier this year to see all of the catwalk savvy glitz in action… and to complement the Cinderella fairytale inspired theme in this year’s promos, editor Leeshie adopted for some sophisticated sparkle and shine in the fashion stakes. Check out our style post at spin off ‘I Am Starstruck: Fashion’ Blog HERE ! 

Image Source: Australia’s Next Top Model Facebook

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