‘Packed To The Rafters’ is coming to an end… we know, we know, this isn’t easy for us either and Leeshie will be writing an in depth post about it very soon.

Along with the departure of our favourite Aussie TV family comes the loss of some spectacular onscreen talent!

But great news has been rolling in – last week we reported that Rafters fave Hugh Sheridan had been cast in new Channel 7 show ‘INXS’, and now we can reveal that his onscreen, on and off love interest Zoe Cramond is working on a new show as well.

And wait for it Aussie TV fans… this new project of Zoe’s is being produced in collaboration with ‘Home And Away’ starlet Catherine Mack who is leaving the Channel 7 drama.

I Am Starstruck’ caught up with the two actresses earlier this week at the ‘Man Of Steel’ Australian premiere where they revealed their new television plans post Rafters and Summer Bay.

When asked about any new projects to follow her one year ‘Home And Away’ stint, Catherine said, “we’re actually working on a series together that we’re writing”.

Zoe added, ”yeh we’re writing something together”.

More details are yet to emerge with Catherine promising that “you’ll hear more about that soon”.

We are super stoked to hear about this new show and will keep you posted on more details as they come!

You can watch our chat with the gorgeous actresses HERE !

Image Source: I Am Starstruck 

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