Introducing the third season of ‘Celebrity Apprentice Australia’!

Following the success of the first two seasons starring the likes of Jesinta Campbell, Didier Cohen, Julia Morris and Nathan Jolliffe, the Channel 9 show is returning to our screens in 2013.

On Tuesday we took you behind the scenes of ‘Celebrity Apprentice Australia’ with the hottest social media shots from your fave cast members (Stephanie Rice, Rob Mills and Roxy Jacenko are leading the popularity stakes, just to to jog your memory).

Today we’ve got some awesome news – how does meeting some of the Celeb Apprentice cast plus potentially scoring a massive year’s supply of Tim Tams sound? 

Quite devilishly divine if we must say so ourselves… And you can make this happen!

All you have to do is head down to Sydney’s Pitt Street Mall today where you will be greeted by the reality show’s female team, “Team Supreme” and  challenged to a mega Tim Tam feast of brand new flavours (how hard can it be)?!


When: Thursday February 7th 2013, Midday – 1.30pm

Where: Pitt Street Mall (Market Street end) Outside Nespresso

How: Take the Tim Tam Challenge.   Eat the most of your favourite new flavour of Tim Tam Treat Packs for your chance to win a year’s supply.

If you do head down to the challenge today, make sure you tweet us a pic!

Image Source: The Hot Hits

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