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This is what “I Am Starstruck” readers have to say about the new romance: CHAX will live on !


@GillHigham : ” Don’t like Natalie&Brax together. #Chax all the way.”

@vanillac0ke : ” hot hot hot! “

@jacqui86au : ” I don’t like them at all chaxforever “

@Neleishere : ” I think Nat/Brax aren’t the hottest couple.. Charlie & Brax were that! Still missing Chax 😦  “

@AylaMike : ” Don’t like them together. She’s too much like Charlie, and hottest couple in the bay are BIANCA and heath. ppl r saying natalie  is gnna move in Charlie’s room :(:( hope it doesn’t last Don’t mind him with another girl not Natalie ;( “

@stevebraxfan : ” Still think chax was the hottest, but definitely chemistry between Brax and Natalie! The scene tonight was hot. “


Amelia F : ” It will never be as good as his scene with Charlie “touch me and u’ll regret it” 🙂 but I just love seeing him back in action, so bring on the new romance 🙂 “

Jessica M : ” I missed today’s ep!!! But personally I’m not digging this couple…I’m a massive Charlie fan…still feels too raw! haha “

Amelia S : ” Nope Charlie and Brax were the hottest on screen couple… “

Jason T ” She’s not that great looking,theres more stunning looking ladies on H+A than her “

Tanya H : ” Chax def win the hottest screen couple, shes got nothing on Charlie “

Ricki P.K : ” They will never be as hot as charlie and brax they were the hottest on screen couple….”

Image Source: Yahoo!7

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