At ‘I Am Starstruck’, we love to immerse you in Hollywood’s glitz and glamour with the latest celeb goss from tinsel town.

But let’s face it.. There will always be some aspects of Hollywood that are based on lies, money and superficiality and there are many youngsters who feel that what they see in the media depicts absolute reality.

We love to hear from our ‘I Am Starstruck’ followers and when I received a ‘tweet’ from Zoe about anti-bullying, I decided to create this post.

With the emergence and dominant influence of social media, bullying has never been easier to be an offender or victim of.

Check out Zoe’s video here promoting anti-bullying and remember there is help, all you need to do is reach out!

No one should have to deal with bullying alone and no one should see a reason to be a bully in the first place… to be quite frank, perfection is SO overrated!

Reach out via the Kids Help Line : 1800 55 1800

Make sure you tweet to myself @LeeshieV if you ever have any issues you would like us to discuss – we are all ears!

xx Leeshie


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