Today is January 12th and you know what that means – it marks the 1st Birthday of ‘I Am Starstruck’ Celebrity Blog!

It has not only been our first year of running ‘I Am Starstruck’ Celebrity Blog, but it’s been an unbelievably, immensely successful one – and that is all thanks to each and every one of our dedicated followers (we have over 2000 of you out there) !! 

‘I Am Starstruck’ also now counts many of Australia’s most popular celebrities as its biggest fans and we’d love to thanks those stars for their birthday wishes!

FYI: ‘I Am Starstruck’ is only getting bigger and better in 2012, so get excited because we are going to deliver the juicy goodness that will make you MORE STARSTRUCK than a date with Leo DiCaprio ever would !!

Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/I-Am-Starstruck-Celebrity-Blog/148338688561228

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LeeshieV

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