I Am Starstruck’s hairbrush microphone makes an epic return

Leeshie and Fifi Box with the hairbrush last week.
Source: I Am Starstruck

The long-time I Am Starstruck-ers will be well aware of my infamous hairbrush incident, and I’m thrilled to say that the iconic accessory has made a return in an epic way!

Last week I attended the Hit Network’s International Women’s Day Breakfast, which saw an all-women lineup hit the airwaves during the prime time slot across the country.

It was a national first, and I had the pleasure of visiting the 2Day FM Sydney studios to watch and hear the action unfold.

The main two hosts were Em Rusciano and Fifi Box, the latter being someone who is very much a big part of the original I Am Starstruck hairbrush story.

For those who are scratching their heads (pun intended) at this stage, let me quickly fill you in on the sitch.

I rocked up to my second ever red carpet event in 2011, the Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Female Awards, rather well-equipped in my opinion with a hairbrush in place of a microphone.

With just hours’ notice before the sophisticated soiree in Rose Bay, I rushed to Woollies and bought a hairbrush and wrapped it with a pair of black stockings, and was sure I could fool the star-studded guest list and truly look the part.

They save if you have confidence, you can pull off anything. So I held out the large barrel-shaped object with sass as I began my line of questioning with the famous attendees.

The likes of Jessica Mauboy and Stan Walker were completely oblivious to the fact that they were talking into something that not only didn’t record, but was not connected to the mini, amateur digital camera my friend Cherry was zooming in on their faces with.

But when radio duo Fifi Box and Jules Lund came along, the strands of the stunt began to unravel.

Let’s just say I had to come clean about the situation pretty quickly, but with honesty being the best policy, I was rewarded with a feature on their then drive time radio show… giving I Am Starstruck the ultimate publicity boost it needed.

Let’s fast forward now to 2017. Here we are. It’s been six years since I started the blog in January 2011.

I had’t seen Fifi since 2011, so seeing her at the 2Day FM studios last week, with my hairbrush microphone in hand, made my International Women’s Day all the more special.

“Oh my god… look at you now!” she said. “You’d make such a good story!”

And at that moment I realised, it’s the hairbrush story having come full circle! It took six years. SIX YEARS! But it was too good of a story to neglect revisiting some time down the track in my media career.

While I had a line of paparazzi and PR girls snickering as my hairbrush became known as what it was on that red carpet in 2011, I managed to quite literally brush the critics off and am doing what I’ve always wanted to do (and I’ve created like a billion other goals now because there’s no rest for the wicked!).

Thank you to all of the readers who have followed me since the start. I promise there’s lots more fun red carpet antics still to come.

Leeshie with Jules in 2011 at the Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Female Awards with the original hairbrush.
Source: I Am Starstruck

Source: Today Network

Source: Today Network

Source: Today Network

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