Learn and give with Sydney’s new Syrian refugee ‘virtual walk’

world vision macquarie centre syriaIt’s the first week of January, and most people I’ve spoken to are finalising their new year’s resolutions lists.

This year I’m putting a strong emphasis on learning and giving when drafting my agenda for 2017, and one of World Vision’s latest projects in Australia is all about that.

The humanitarian relief agency has established a special experiential installation at Sydney’s Macquarie Centre this Summer, giving locals the opportunity to ‘step into the shoes’ of a young Syrian refugee using VR goggles.

A statement on the World Vision website explains the initiative gives ‘visitors a chance to experience new and exclusive footage of a day in the life of 14 year-old Ali living who has fled war-torn Aleppo and is trying to survive life as a refugee in a camp in Bekka Valley’.

The project’s intent is to enhance Australians’ understanding of the tough conditions being endured by those abroad, as well as providing supporters with a visual understanding of how their donations are helping Syrian refugees.

For those who happen to come across the exhibition at the popular shopping complex with no prior knowledge of it, hopefully learning something new will compel you to discover ways in which you can give and help going forward.

The World Vision Experiential Centre is located on the first floor of Macquarie Centre in North Ryde till the end of February 2017. For more details, click HERE.

This year I’m very keen to hear from you all about different ways in which we can collaborate and help those who need it.

Drop me a note on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram.

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