WATCH NOW: Our interviews with the cast of Channel 9’s Love Child

Image Source: Channel 9

Image Source: Channel 9

Take yourself back to the 1960s of Sydney’s Kings Cross, with new Australian television show Love Child.

Struggling young mothers, abandoned babies, single nurses and married doctors who heavily flirt with each other, that’s just a taster of what to expect from this drama.

The show is set to premiere tonight on Channel 9 with big names Jessica Marais and Jonathan LaPaglia leading the cast.

Marais plays midwife Joan Miller, who has returned to Sydney from London to work at the Kings Cross Hospital.  LaPaglia plays the oh so charming Dr Patrick McNaughton (is it just us or is every sexy doctor on Aussie TV called Dr Patrick?! #Offspring).

Joining the former Packed To The Rafters sweetheart and Underbelly stud is Mandy McElhinney (of Rhonda and Ketut fame) as well as Ryan Corr (Packed To  The Rafters), Sophie Hensser (Tricky Business), Miranda Tapsell, Gracie Gilbert, Ella Scott Lynch and Harriet Dyer.

We chatted to some of the cast who told us why this show is a must-see for everyday Australians.

“It’s a lot of true Australian stories and a lot of big, great stories about women and women living in 1969 and that was a big time of social change,” said the show’s star Sophie Hensser.

Check out our interviews with the cast below and make sure you tune in to Love Child on Channel 9 tonight at 8:40pm.

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