Providing non-stop entertainment left, right and centre, the Austereo Network’s ‘Fifi & Jules’ Show is the radio show that we all love to listen to during our drive home!

It is pretty much safe to say that the super hot radio pair always cover practically every type of on-air (and maybe even what should only be off-air) topic and that’s why we label their show; absolutely phenomenal radio!

Now the gorgeous female half of the duo, Fifi Box has announced that she is expecting her first child!

Fifi posted a message on the official Fifi and Jules website:

” Yes the most exciting thing that’s ever happened to me is incubating in my stomach right now and I’ve never been so excited in my life. For the past few months I’ve been bonding with this little person that’s growing in my belly and it is the truest and most indescribable joy I have ever felt… For those who don’t know I began seeing someone at the end of last year who would like to remain out of the public eye which I will respect and endeavour to protect. The focus for me is to make sure I bring a happy, healthy baby into the world who knows how much it is loved. “

Congrats Fifi – can’t wait for the arrival of the new bub!

FYI: You can check out Editor Leeshie’s hilarious ‘hairbrush’ mic interviews with Fifi and Jules here and here and here (yes, there’s 3 of them) !

Image Source: 2DAY FM

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