Celebrities pay tribute to Indian acting legend Om Puri following his death


RIP Om Puri

RIP Om Puri

An array of stars have taken to social media to pay tribute to late actor Om Puri following his tragic death on Friday.

It’s reported that the 66-year-old suffered a heart attack at his home in Mumbai.

Om Puri has starred in a string of Indian films, but I personally loved his role in Hollywood blockbuster The Hundred Foot Journey, proving that the more senior generation of Bollywood can make the transition to the West with much success.

Take a look at some of the celebrity tributes below.

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Right before I took this picture we were rehearsing a scene that we were about to start shooting. He whacked my script down to the floor and shouted, "don't do it like that!… Surprise them. Do it the wrong way, damn it!" — his wisdom could shake a room. He was a close friend and throughout our time working together, he taught me more dirty jokes and pranks than I'd need to last two lifetimes. My thoughts about Omji right now are indescribable. I love you Omji. Your talent and your prolific work as an actor will forever resonate with the world. You are a master at your craft, a legend and a mentor who taught me more about acting and life than any classroom ever did. Rest In Peace, Papa. #OmPuri

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