Jasmin Walia chats to “I Am Starstruck” about relationships, racism and reaching the top

Girl crush alert! 

Image Source: Jasmin Walia Instagram

Image Source: Jasmin Walia Instagram

She shot to fame on UK reality show ‘The Only Way Is Essex’, and has gone on to forge a successful singing career since.

So when Jasmin Walia was in Sydney last week, we had to catch up with the Indian-British sensation for a chat.

Here’s what Jasmin had to say on…

Her career transition from TV to music:

“It’s actually what I wanted to do always. I had it planned, and I used television as a platform to get into it.

I just thought doing TV will kind of get my name out there and then I can go into singing. It takes time to get music out there.”

Her Australian performances:

“They were really good. Sydney was so much fun. The people were so lively. Melbourne is good but Sydney is definitely more lively.”

Experiencing racism:

“I did a mainstream show back in the UK so I suppose it was easier in that sense. Touch wood I haven’t really had an extreme amount of racism. I’ve obviously had a couple of people say a few things here and there in the past which is not nice but they’re just small minded people so I just ignore it.”

Image Source: Instagram

Image Source: Instagram

A potential Bollywood career:

“I’d love to, that would be really fun.”

Her insecurities with body image:

“Actually I have more insecurities facially rather than my body. I feel like I’ve got really big ears and my forehead’s a bit tiny but I think that’s an Asian thing.

“When you’re in the public eye you’re always being judged anyway so it kind of does make you insecure sometimes but I just have to get over it.

“Some days I do feel ‘oh god I don’t look so good’ but then other times I’m just like ‘whatever, accept me for who I am’.”

Advice to other South Asian women hoping to make it in the media world:

“Keep pushing forward and keep showing your face everywhere until they get sick of you and accept you.”

Her relationship status:

“I am not seeing anyone. I’m single.”

Her message to our editor Alicia “Leeshie” V:

“Keep doing your thing.”


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