What’s hot on the Bollywood box: Kapoor & Sons



Over the Easter weekend I decided to catch up on some new Bollywood releases, and Indian flick Kapoor & Sons was the first to make the cut.


Directed by Shakun Batra, the film stars Alia Bhatt, Siddharth Malhotra and Fawad Khan, and needless to say, there was plenty of drama… and eye candy!

Initially the glossy posters of the film plastered across cinema walls suggested the movie was a typical Desi love story with some catchy dance songs.

However I was pleasantly surprised to witness the movie challenging my expectations, with multiple layers of the human experience peeled back and explored.

I’m not one to divulge core plot lines, but I must say it was great to see the storyline extend beyond the classic love triangle scenario (we’re talking affairs, personal battles with sexuality, the search for a family’s acceptance, creative ambition and death all thrown into the mix of this movie’s plot).

Meanwhile for those who love the rocking beats of Bollywood’s best tunes, don’t expect any particular chart-toppers… though Siddharth’s biceps in the dance scenes will still be just enough to get hearts racing 😉

Check out Kapoor & Sons in cinemas now!

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