What’s Hot On The Box! The House Husbands are back with Season Four premiere

Image Source: Channel Nine

Image Source: Channel Nine

Drool-worthy fathers (ahem Firass Dirani) that make you want to marry a house husband right about now… that’s why we love Channel Nine’s entertaining drama House Husbands.

The show is set to return to screens on Monday night with its fourth season, and we can ensure you there’ll be plenty of drama and eye candy of course.

Take a look at our editor Alicia “Leeshie” V‘s recent article for Daily Mail Australia which reveals a sneak peek into the new season!

Below originally published at: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-3166119/Indiana-Evans-makes-TV-comeback-House-Husbands-catches-eye-Firass-Dirani.html

She STILL has that Summer Bay allure! Ex Home And Away star Indiana Evans makes TV comeback on House Husbands… and catches the eye of Firass Dirani 

She shot to fame after joining Home And Away back in 2004, playing girl-next-door Matilda Hunter on the popular soap for four years.

And now actress Indiana Evans is making a comeback on Australian television by securing a role on Logie award-winning drama House Husbands alongside returning regulars Firass Dirani, Julia Morris, Gary Sweet and Gyton Grantley.

In a newly released official sneak peek of the Channel Nine show’s fourth season, the 24-year-old is seen in character for the first time, proving she still has that irresistible Summer Bay allure as she manages to catch the eye of reformed bad boy Justin Baynie – played by Firass.

Indiana Evans is set to star in the new season of House Husbands Image Source: Channel Nine

Indiana Evans is set to star in the new season of House Husbands
Image Source: Channel Nine

The promotional clip teases viewers into the new season which is based around the lives of the central characters around a year on from where they left off in the third season finale.

Single father Justin’s daughter is now four ‘and three quarters’ according to the pre-schooler, and like any innocent child, says whatever is on her mind.

‘Daddy’s got a new girlfriend,’ she cheekily tells the camera.

‘I don’t have a new girlfriend, she’s just a girl,’ Firass responds, his character clearly very shy about his crush on Indiana’s onscreen persona, Tash, who is a single mother herself.

‘I was thinking maybe we could go on a date,’ he politely suggests, a proposition to which Tash is lost for words.

With her golden tresses worn in loose waves, Indiana is seen wearing a chic navy and white patterned blouse, with a pair of delicate silver heart earrings completing her sophisticated look.

Looking stunned, she simply stares into Firass’ green eyes with her own baby blues, and while no further words are exchanged, viewers can already tell there’s some sizzling chemistry between the pair.

Meanwhile the drama is truly shared around between all of the house husbands in the fourth season, as Kane and Alex, played by Gyton Grantley and Darren McMcullen respectively, reveal.

‘We’ve been living together for a year now,’ Gyton tells the audience.

‘Everything was going fine until she arrived.’

He’s making reference to yet another newcomer on the show, former Home And Away and All Saints star Justine Clarke.

It looks like Indiana catches the eye of Firass Dirani who plays Justin Baynie Image Source: Channel Nine

It looks like Indiana catches the eye of Firass Dirani who plays Justin Baynie
Image Source: Channel Nine

Her feisty character Eve has arrived on the scene with an agenda.

‘I’ve always wanted a baby. I just need a donor,’ she reveals.

And it looks like the caterer has her eyes set on primary school teacher Alex.

‘I’m borrowing his sperm,’ she informs Kane, as Alex justifies the situation to his partner saying: ‘You said you wanted to have a baby. I said I’d help her out’.

The other house husbands also check in with viewers, as Lewis, played by Gary Sweet, reveals he’s back with his wife Gemma, played by Julia Morris, after their ‘rocky patch last year’.

But could there be another bub on the show in season four?

Julia, 47, hints there could be a new arrival, as she says ‘Women my age are still having babies’.

‘If you wanted to go there we could,’ she suggests, but Gary is quick to fire back ‘but we don’t’.

House Husbands is set to return to Channel Nine later this year, with a season four premiere date yet to be announced.

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