Logies 2014: Last day to vote

Only a few hours remain to cast your votes for Australian TV’s night of nights.

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 8.13.34 PM

It is indeed that time of the year again!

The Logie awards are just around the corner and the excitement at I Am Starstruck HQ is increasing by the minute.

The Australian television’s night of nights celebrates and embraces the diverse talents of the local TV industry, with a combination of viewer voted and industry judged awards presented.

There are only a few hours left in first round of voting for the 2014 Logie Awards.

Aussie TV lovers can log onto the official TV Week Logies website before 11:59pm tonight to vote for their fave stars and shows to be nominated for the night.

To cast vote, head over to the TV Week site HERE.  Nominees will be announced on March 31, ahead of the ceremony in Melbourne on April 27.

Now we love a bit of star power, especially around Logies time.  Check out these awesome videos of Aussie television stars asking fans for support in a bid to achieve Logies victory this year.

Home and Away babes Nic Westaway and Steve Peacocke ask fans to send some Logie love towards Summer Bay 

House Husbands hottie Firass Dirani reminds viewers to vote for the Channel 9 drama 

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