It is that moment that “Offspring” viewers have dreaded.. no actually, it probably isn’t as no one would’ve thought that one of the show’s main sources of entertainment, joy and eye candy would be banished so tragically.

The character of Dr Patrick Reid played by Matt Le Nevez passed away today and it’s time for another one of my raw, candid posts… 

What saddens me the most about this onscreen death is that Matt Le Nevez did not have to leave the show for career reasons like Zoe Ventoura did in ‘Packed To The Rafters’ (well not as far as we know).  

It became somewhat more acceptable to bid farewell to Melissa Rafter but with Dr Patrick Reid… well it just seems as though the creators have decided Nina does not deserve happiness..

Perhaps I’m being slightly too emotional and/or passive aggressive at this difficult time? …

But then again these are the same Offspring writers who created this wonderful world of bliss that is Nina and Patrick.  

And let’s be honest, we all watch the show for Nina AND Patrick.  

Not just Nina for her quirky fashion or Patrick for his killer looks but for both of them together.  

In my shocked state I feel compelled to say that this is not going to do ratings any favours… but I do hope that I am proved wrong because Offspring is one of the most phenomenal Australian television productions I have ever witnessed.  (This piece I wrote shows my absolute appreciation for Offspring writers Michael Lucas, Debra Oswald and the rest of the production team).

RIP Patrick Reid and fret not Offspring lovers.. you can catch Matt Le Nevez on his new project. Details HERE.

xx Leeshie 

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