Well what an episode of ‘House Husbands’ that was!

Let’s skip straight to the ending because honestly, that’s the moment that made us squeal, jump on the sofa and Hi 5 our flatmate.

Lewis’ daughter Lucy sprung a surprise appearance on Justin’s door step and alright ‘House Husbands’ fans… I’m going to call it! 

I’m going to make a big call here and if I get this wrong, well I’ll post a ‘Firass Dirani Eye Candy Special’ on the blog which really makes it a win-win situation for you.

Does Lucy opt for the Vegas elopement with Mr Tuck or give in to the charismatic, caring and downright sexy former footballer/hottest house husband to live on this planet Justin Baynie?

I’ve decided to pursue the latter scenario as a truth.

Believe it or not, whilst watching that last scene where sexual tension was peaking, I miraculously managed to not let Justin’s dreamy eyes distract me and I observed the scenes beyond the actors.

I noticed that not only was Lucy at the doorstep, but her luggage decided to join her too. 

To bid a heartfelt farewell to Mr Baynie?  I highly doubt it.

Surely Lucy could’ve left those heavy bags in the taxi with Mr Tuck?

Is this viewers’ fantasy really going to translate onscreen next season? 

All I can say is that one of the reasons that ‘House Husbands’ continuously captivates audiences is because of its compelling storylines combined with a stellar cast.

Who knows what the writers really have in store for us next year? 

It is the unpredictable and hilariously entertaining daddy antics (swallow an Opera House magnet anyone?) of the show that make it a Logie award winning drama and one of Australia’s highest rating.

So I’ve made the call ‘House Husbands’ fans but to be completely frank, this one could go either way.

Until 2014, join ‘I Am Starstruck’ as we continue the commentary on your fave Aussie dramas and if you’re lucky, perhaps a few sneaky shirtless Firass Dirani posts will come your way!

x Leeshie  (follow me on Twitter HERE )

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