Gold Logie Award winning actress Asher Keddie is set to star in a brand, new Aussie drama.

The ‘Offspring’ star along with home grown hottie Rodger Corser has signed onto Channel 10’s new show ‘Party Tricks’, which will explore a woman’s political campaign to be appointed State Premier.

Asher will play determined politician Kate Ballard whilst Rodger will take on the role of radio and television personality David McLeod.

Channel 10’s Executive Producer, Drama, Rick Maier has said: “Party Tricks is a compelling star vehicle for two of our very best actors, written and developed by the best production team in the business. If you like smart, funny, romantic drama, this is the show for you.”

This does make us wonder if there will be a significant overlap between ‘Offspring’ and ‘Party Tricks’ – after all romantic comedy, eye candy and Asher Keddie are common elements between the two productions.

But producer John Edwards has said, ““No, no, no, no, it’s a completely different type of show… We’re doing series five of Offspring and we’re actually plotting [Party Tricks] now, we’re underway and we’ve written the first episode.”

Well cheers to that.. yet another Aussie drama to hit our screens very soon!  We’ll keep you updated on more details as they emerge.

Image Source: Sydney Morning Herald 


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