Reowww.. is it getting hot in here or what?

Cue the fluttering of women’s hearts across the nation as Cleo magazine has exposed the 50 most eligible men in the country.

In Cleo’s 26th year of bachelor celebrations with new editor Sharri Markson, Australia’s hottest property comes in the forms of actors, sportsmen, reality stars, scientists, businessmen, farmers, the press secretary for Tony Abbott and the first openly gay bachelor!

We’ll be featuring profiles of the boys on ‘I Am Starstruck’ in the next few weeks so you can get to know them a little bit better (and have an extra perve)!  

So today’s Cleo Bachelor pick is Reuben Mourad. Yes he is the first openly gay Cleo Bachelor but that doesn’t stop us from convincing you to vote for him!  First thing that comes to mind when we think Reuben is MEGA SWEETIE… He has started The Swing Project –  charity campaign that raises money for a wheelchair swing at Sydney’s Royal Institute for Blind and Deaf Children.

Watch ‘I Am Starstruck’s 2013 Cleo Bachelor Interviews with the nominees HERE 

Vote for Reuben HERE 

Image Source: Cleo

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