I am going to be completely honest!

When Esther Anderson first began acting on ‘Home & Away’, I was not a fan of her character Charlie Buckton at all!

Her fiesty nature and confidence somewhat threatened me… 

I know that sounds odd.. but many of you who are dedicated fans of any television drama, would understand the real attachment that viewers begin to establish with a show and its characters (ok, I’m crazy I know). 

That’s when you know that the producers and the actors have really excelled in their profession.

When the character of Charlie arrived, her strong, resilient persona threatened me.  I felt as though she was a stranger intruding the stable dynamics of Summer Bay; a place I also called home (again, crazy and obsessed Leeshie? Perhaps just a little?)

But the reality and absolute beauty of life is that we never stop meeting new people, experiencing new things and making new memories.

And Charlie Buckton definitely grew on me… so much to the extent that she eventually became my favourite female character on the hit Channel 7 drama.

We do all know though that with life’s hello’s also come the goodbyes.

So at the beginning of this year we bid farewell to the resident Summer Bay sweetheart who we’d all fallen in love with, who had made it ok to be with the ultimate bad boy… and who’d made being a cop oh so sexy!


That’s right!  Charlie Buckton will be returning to the Bay and fret not, viewers will be treated to some classic “CHAX” goodness!

Esther Anderson will be appearing on our screens in a multi-episode stint next year, but the big question is: How will Anderson reprise her role of the cop who is apparently dead?

Esther told the Herald Sun: “I told my mum and dad that I was coming back, and they almost fell off their chairs …They said: ‘Hang on, didn’t Charlie die?’

“It’s hilarious, because this time twelve months ago I was keeping it the biggest secret from everyone as to whether Charlie would live or die, and now I’m in the same boat again as far as not giving anything away.”

I must say that I’m super stoked that Esther is returning to the bay! 

As for the specific deets of Charlie’s situation, we will just have to wait until next year (really hoping she’s miraculously alive and not a ghost)!

x Leeshie

Image Source: IMDB

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