At ‘I Am Starstruck’ we love involving YOU guys, our readers, to enhance the starstruck experience!

Dedicated follower Rosealee recently had the opportunity to hang out with the gorgeous Esther Anderson of Home and Away fame on the set of her new Tuffys & Tuffetts photo shoot.

Rosealee shares her starstruck experience with us here.

My day consisted of a drive to the remote location in Manly.  I met the founder of the Tuffys & Tuffetts brand Lisa and then she escorted me down to where it was all happening. 
We went downstairs and she introduced me to the behind the scenes crew – camera guys and make up and hair artists.
I also met Jules Sebastian as she was a part of the shoot for the day.
I was then introduced to Esther Anderson, former Home And Away hot shot cop and Beau Ryan, #5 Nrl cronulla sharks player (The Funny guy on the footy show).
When I got there Beau was shooting, Esther was free so I talked to her for a little bit. I was gob smacked as I walked into the set Beau was waving at me!!
To be totally honest I can’t remember too much of what Esther and I spoke about, thank god mum was there! Although I was speechless I  do remember I was fully starstruck
Soon after Esther was called for touch ups and then she joined Beau. As I watched from the side I was amazed by how naturally it all happened. 
After they were sure they got the right shots, the crew stood back and let me talk to both Esther and Beau.
And here I was in front of my two biggest inspirations allowed to ask them everything I had always dreamt of asking. By this point I was coping ok. I asked lots of things from Home And Away gossip to how the boys work on the footy show.
I also asked whether Esther would return as Charlie as I heard rumors. Audiences with have to wait and see as it wasn’t denied!
Then Lisa came over she gave me two posters that I got signed and then she gave me some tuffetts.
P.s. they are so comfortable. Get some people!! 

Before I knew it was time to wrap it up! 
I am super greaful to the Tuffys – Tuffetts team for making my dream a reality! Fancy meeting your two biggest inspirations on the same day!
“Keep on dreaming on. Never give up on them. 
Anything is possible”

Rose- a – lee Angrisano

Image Source: Unsigned Management and Rosealee Angrisano

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