New Zealand born model Nikki Phillips has bravely opened up about her diagnosis of cervical cancer to ‘Cleo’ magazine.

The 29 year old based in Sydney, was diagnosed in 2009 after a routine pap smear test.

“I had no idea what was going on.  You kind of think you’re invincible,” she told the magazine.

Phillips had a loop incision to remove the cancer cells and last November it was confirmed that the model is cancer-free.

Through her admission, Phillips hopes to encourage ‘Cleo’ readers to take precautions and undergo early testing.

“Early detection means you can be treated and you can survive.  Sadly, around 40 per cent of women in Australia don’t have regular pap tests and they could be at risk.  Have you been checked lately?  No-one is invincible.  I’m proof of that.”

Image Source: Nikki Phillips Official Website 

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