Reowww.. is it getting hot in here or what?

Cue the fluttering of women’s hearts across the nation as Cleo magazine yet again exposed the 50 most eligible men in the country.

In Cleo’s 26th year of bachelor celebration with new editor Sharri Markson, Australia’s hottest property came in the forms of actors, sportsmen, reality stars, scientists, businessmen, farmers, the press secretary for Tony Abbott and the first openly gay bachelor!

Last night, we hit the ‘Cleo Bachelor’ final event and chatted to the top 50 hotties including Lincoln Younes, Mitch Dean and Matt Witkowski!  Watch our red carpet video HERE !

And here’s the scoop on how you ladies rated our sexiest men:

First Place: Trent ‘Maxi’ Maxwell (Lifeguard, Bondi Rescue)

Second Place: Matt Witkowski (Wildcard Bachelor, Cancer Biologist)

Third Place: Darren McMullen (TV Host, The Voice)

Image Source: Sweaty Betty PR 

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