Leeshie here, and I have the biggest confession to make!

I have been crushing on Hollywood hottie Zac Efron for 5 years now – my longest lasting celebrity love!

Actually take back the claim of simply just ‘crushing’ on the Zefron.  This has been infatuation to the max; an obsession involving extensive online stalking and kissing posters.

This surely resembles borderline creepy.

As I have grown up, so has this phenomenal actor.  I have witnessed Zachary evolve from a teenage singing sensation to a seriously sexy man delivering mature and truly captivating performances (watch “The Lucky One” and you will know what I mean).

This year I was FINALLY given the opportunity to meet Zac and interview him at “The Lucky One” World Premiere.

To say that this was a “dream come true” is clearly an understatement.  However, to say that it was a pivotal moment in my life would be quite accurate.

Meeting Zac represented me coming full circle in my ZEFRON craze.  

I can now say that I’ve “been there, done that” (you know, shaking his hand and getting a photo that’s all) and now I can lay my eyes on the next prize.

Introducing my new future husband: SIVA KANESWARAN.  This half Sri Lankan, half Irish stud muffin is a fifth of the UK boy band ‘The Wanted’.

His smile, eyes, hair, skin, cheekiness, charisma, SUPER SEXY ACCENT… the list goes on as to why Siva ticks all the boxes on my prince charming checklist and perhaps even adds a few extra criteria to it.

As immature, naive and superficial as I may sound, the world of celebrities and Hollywood is always around us.  My love for pop culture and entertainment allows me to connect and have a conversation with anyone I meet.  So I’m not ashamed to share this tragic yet hilarious habit of mine – falling in love with famous men!

We’ll probably never meet these guys, but until we do meet our ‘one and only’, these hotties are a source of entertainment in our dreams, online and in our scrapbooks.

So don’t be ashamed ladies – who is YOUR celeb crush?

Image Source: Teen Now

ps You can watch my interview with Zac Efron here:  I’m sure my interview with Siva will happen one day 😉 

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