It looks like the Rafters household is becoming less packed than ever, with yet another cast member leaving the hit TV series!

Multi Logie Award winner Hugh Sheridan is not only parting ways with Australia’s No. 1 rating local drama, but is jumping ship to another television network; Channel 10.

Mr Sheridan will take up hosting duties on Channel 10’s new show “I Will Survive”, which begins filming later this month.

The show aims to search for Australia’s next superstar with the ultimate trifecta – singing, dancing and acting abilities!

The Verdict: We are absolutely stoked to hear about Hugh’s new project! 

On a side note: Has anyone else noticed that Australian television is becoming more and more reality show driven? 

Is it that we enjoy watching “real” people achieving their dreams; something that is somewhat more relatable and inspiring than soapie romances?  Is that we thrive on the thrills and anticipation of live television? 

Whether it’s “Masterchef”, “The Voice” or “Big Brother”; we are No. 1 fans of reality TV shenanigans… but just wondering, where does that leave the abundance of budding Aussie actors just waiting to entertain us?

Image Source: GQ

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