Former ‘Home & Away’ starlet Jessica Tovey has appeared in many television roles since her Summer Bay days ended.

Gracing our screens on ‘Rescue Special Ops’, ‘Underbelly: The Golden Mile’ & ‘Paper Giants: The Birth Of Cleo’, Jess has definitely demonstrated her abilities to portray various roles.

However, Tovey has told the ‘Sunday’ magazine, that trying her luck in Hollywood is not a part of her immediate plans at the moment.

The Verdict: To be honest, we are not complaining.  We absolutely love to hold onto our stellar local Aussie talent as long as we can… of course sooner or later they will spread their wings, and when that moment comes, we could not be prouder!

Check out Jessica’s photo shoot in this week’s issue of the ‘Sunday’ magazine here!

Image Source: Sunday Magazine

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